Brothers with Swagger


Hunter, a 15 year-old and the oldest of four children, has always been very close to his younger brother, Braden, who was born with cerebral palsy. Hunter would read to Braden, play with him and even carry him on his back, becoming Braden’s legs.

Aware of the difficulties Braden faced every day, Hunter decided he wanted to make a difference and make things better for kids who have cerebral palsy, including Braden. Hunter knew education was the necessary starting point.

Hunter believed that if people knew more about Braden and cerebral palsy, there would be fewer questions and stares and less discomfort when people met or saw someone with cerebral palsy.

In 2014, Hunter and his three siblings, Kerragan, Kellen and Braden, created The Cerebral Palsy Swagger, a 40-mile awareness walk held over the course of two days. Hunter carried his brother Braden the entire way. Their siblings and friends walked by their side, demonstrating the love, support and teamwork needed to make changes in attitude and acceptance happen.The first walk was such a success, the family held a second walk in 2015, adding 17 miles through new communities to increase awareness of the challenges faced by those with cerebral palsy and to encourage acceptance of those individuals.

Though the walks were aimed at education and awareness, they also raised funds. Donors from across the country helped raise more than $200,000 for a new, inclusive playground at Braden’s elementary school that will be more accessible for all children.

Hunter and Braden exemplify the #cutthebull message by helping to bring awareness of those with disabilities.