My daughter was a jr. In high school when I found out a football player had been bullying her for 6 mths. He pushed her against chairs and tables teacher just said stop. He he yelled at her to get him the stapler from teachers desk and she did it. How I found out was he socked her on the chin and I was not notified by school. The officer at school said she was old enough to press charges without my consent and she chose not to. Over that same weekend he sent threats over snapchat and showed the officer this time she did press charges but they let him continue to play football. I emailed the Mayor, police chief, Superintendent, school board. I told 5hen what happened to the no bully campaign in our schools I was told by the Dean that he was already facing a misdeamener, suspension, and was suppose to do the YAC program. I told them it is so sad the winning a football season is more important than teaching a young man that he is never to hit a female. Soon after the student got in fight with the coach and transferred to the next city. I sent then administrators an email never received a response. Student is playing football right now. I am thinking of contacting CIF. So sad.