4th Time May Be a Charm

By the time I was a week old my parents and the doctors at the hospital determined I needed to see a bone specialist due to bone fusing in my foot. From the get-go they knew it would never hold me back, nor would it hold back the bullies. When someone sees something different for the first time, I believe they struggle to see it for what it really is, so they open their mouth(s). Having bone fusion in my foot, (meaning the last two bones in my foot fused together) I have four toes on my right foot and the size discrepancy is pretty great. When I was 11 I had growth plate surgery due to a discrepancy of my leg length as well. This may cause my balance to be off at times, but has never/ will never hold me back. Of course there's been someone who has laughed or pointed and showed their friends, but when you look at the big picture, if my foot wasn't like that I wouldn't be me. So I don't hide it and never will. I recently had my fourth surgery over the course of my 15 year life. Even with the bone fusing I've managed to play soccer, run track, cheer, tumble and much more. Shriners is such a welcoming place and a second home. This campaign just adds to the love I have for them. Bullying needs to be stopped, #cutthebull.